Master Barber Program

(900 Hours / 36 Weeks / 9 Months)

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Become a Master Barber

Our 900-hour master barber program is an advanced and comprehensive training program designed to equip individuals with the advanced skills and knowledge required to become a licensed master barber. This program includes a wide range of topics and hands-on training, covering various aspects of barbering such as hair cutting and styling, beard and mustache grooming, skin care, and client communication.
Throughout the 9 months, students will gain expertise in advanced cutting techniques, use of specialized tools and equipment, sanitation and safety practices, business management, and more. The program also focuses on developing the artistry and creativity needed to excel in this field.


Career Options

Upon successful completion of this program, graduates are typically eligible to take the state licensing exam, which, when passed, allows them to work as master barbers and potentially open their own barber shops or salons. This program duration and curriculum represents an in-depth training that goes beyond the basics of barbering. A Master Barber License opens up several exciting career opportunities in the field of barbering and grooming. Some potential jobs and roles you can pursue with this credential include:

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  • Master Barber

    You can work as a master barber, providing advanced grooming services like haircuts, shaves, and beard trims. Master barbers are known for their expertise and precision.

  • Barbershop Owner

    With a Master Barber License, you can open your own barbershop, set your hours, and build a loyal client base.

  • Educator/Trainer

    Teach future barbers the skills they need to succeed as an instructor at a barber school.

  • Barbering Competition Judge

    Become a judge in barbering competitions and evaluate other barbers’ work if you’re passionate about the craft.

  • Barber Supply Sales Representative

    Work for companies that supply barbering equipment. Use your expertise as a master barber to educate others about essential tools and products

  • Barbering Product Developer

    Use your knowledge to create a line of barbering products, including grooming tools and hair care items

  • Film and TV Set Barber

    Style hair and facial hair for film and TV actors.

  • Specialty Barber

    Focus on a niche within barbering, such as wedding styling, vintage barbering, or grooming for specific needs like curly hair.

  • Mobile Barber

    Offer your services as a mobile barber, visiting clients at their homes, offices, or events.

  • Brand Ambassador

    Collaborate with grooming and barbering brands to promote their products and services using your expertise and social media.

  • Barber Consultant

    Consult for barbershops and salons to enhance operations, customer service, and service quality.

Miami's Elite Barber School

Restricted vs Master Barber Program

The restricted barber program focuses on fundamental barbering skills, such as basic haircuts and grooming services. Graduates of restricted barber programs obtain a limited barbering license, which restricts them to performing basic services. Restricted barber program graduates may find employment in entry-level positions at barber shops or salons and may choose to pursue further education to become master barbers in the future.

The master barber program typically offers a more extensive curriculum, covering advanced haircutting techniques, styling, and specialized services like hair coloring and chemical treatments. Completing a master barber program qualifies students for a higher-level barbering license, allowing them to perform a wider range of services. Graduates of master barber programs have a broader skill set and may pursue careers in high-end salons, barber shops, or even open their own businesses.

Miami's Elite Barber School

Join Our Master Barber Program

Remember that the specific job opportunities may vary depending on your location, the demand for barbers in your area, and your personal interests and specialties within the field. Additionally, continuing education and staying updated with industry trends can open up even more opportunities in the evolving world of barbering.

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Javier Espinoza
Javier Espinoza
Excelente barbería la atención es inmejorable el ambiente que existe muy bueno te provoca estar en el sitio, muchas gracias al pana Alejandro excelente trato y muy profesional, 100% recomendable para ir a cortarse el pelo
Yensy Santiago
Yensy Santiago
Excelente atención,satisfecha con sus servicios,toda mi familia fue por un corte y quedamos felices, gracias.
Marcos Ortega
Marcos Ortega
Excelente atención
Edgardo Arencibia
Edgardo Arencibia
Gerardo barber brasil excelente junto a la asesoría de Rodolfo, súper buenos
Jennifer Sandoval
Jennifer Sandoval
O.M.G Mucho que contarles… pero es mejor que vivan su propia experiencia. La mía fue 1000% positiva; los chamos se sintieron a gusto, el profesor de español Rodolfo capturó su idea dio las indicaciones a su alumno Diego y plasmó el corte de cabello según la moda de los jóvenes.
Nelson vivarini
Nelson vivarini
Excelente atención y trato. El corte del estudiante Jorge Luis fue muy bueno y el profesor Rodolfo es un gran apoyo a los estudiantes
David Prieto
David Prieto
Alucinante!! Gente maravillosa y profesional super atentos , el profe rodolfo y mi estilista raudel . Muchisimas gracias!!!
Edward Barreiro
Edward Barreiro
I am very appreciative with my total experience at The Spot Barber Academy - starting with the friendly hospitality and polite accommodations over the phone - to the actual visit. This was the first time I had been to a barber academy for a haircut - along with having received an excellent haircut from Master Barber Instructor Rodolfo Casasayas, I was fortunate enough to have watched him tutor an academy student to the proper ways of attending to customers (holistically) - it was pretty educational. You can see that Mr. Rodolfo Casasayas is a meticulous, able and serious professional - a classy individual with a noticeably strong consideration for others - he should be a major draw for the Academy in attracting prospective students looking for careers in the barbering industry. Oh, and by the way - the actual building and rooms inside remind me of a beautiful eye-catching museum. I plan on going again - and recommend that people plan a visit there.
Diego Machin Leonard
Diego Machin Leonard
Es la mejor escuela de barbería la atención súper buena los profesores son lo máximo e aprendido mucho es una experiencia que nunca voy a olvidar

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Sales Consultant for Barbering Schools

Work with barbering schools and institutions to help them source and procure the necessary equipment and products for their students. Your knowledge of barbering tools and products can be valuable in this role

Sales Consultant for Barbering Schools

Work with barbering schools and institutions to help them source and procure the necessary equipment and products for their students. Your knowledge of barbering tools and products can be valuable in this role

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